Au Pair Beijing
Be an aupair in China. Young people aged 18 – 29 can live with a Chinese family and get pocket money and Chinese lessons.

OuMeiYaShi Agency

I used this agency for about half the work I did in China, they are probably the foremost agency for foreign actors in Beijing. They are always open to submissions but as they don’t speak English please keep the CV short. Probably not much point in writing to them unless you are actually in China.

GenkiJACS School
Great little Japanese language school in Tokyo and Fukuoka

Harbin and Dalian Tour Guide
Samantha Song is an old friend from Beijing, she used to work for the Beijing Actors Workshop and she speaks good English and enjoys working with foreigners. Harbin is well worth a visit, especially if you are there in the winter when the famous Ice Festival happens. It’s an old Russian trading area and good for buying Russian vodka and knick-knacks.

Literary Beijing – Spittoon
A lively mix of music, poetry and prose in Beijing and now extending out to other cities.

Mr Magic
A lively bilingual actor and clown, great for children’s parties in English and Chinese.

Snap Studios
Beautiful little recording studio in North London, with a good Bosendorfer piano. Suitable for soloists, groups and even small orchestras and ensembles.

Guitar Music
Some guitar recordings I made in about 1980. Unusual modern repertoire.

Trevor Griffiths
A great English playwright

My preferred software for studying Chinese.